How To Purchase BOGE

How to Purchase BOGE

Bogecoin powers the BSCgems launchpad, voting, and Gem Finder app for Binance Smart Chain projects. It is a token on the Binance Smart Chain network and can be purchased on the following swaps. Set slippage set to 2.5% as there is a 2% transaction fee that gets burned and redistributed to all holders.
  • To purchase on PancakeSwap V2 click HERE (buy in batches if price impact is high, we just migrated to the new system)
Always use the link above to ensure you are purchasing the correct BOGE, as somebody could clone our contract and create fake BOGE tokens at a different address.

How to Purchase Bogecoin with Trust Wallet

New to BSC?

If you are new to Binance Smart Chain, you can simply think of it as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum. In order to use BSC you need the native BNB token to use as gas (transaction fees) and as token to swap for BOGE. You can purchase BNB at the following exchanges:
Once you have obtained BNB you will need to install the Binance Chain Wallet Chrome Extension and create a new account. Be sure to save your backup seed. Send your newly purchased BNB to your Binance Chain Wallet ensuring that you are on the Binance Chain Network by choosing the dropdown at the very top.
Choose Binance Chain Network
Once your funds have been received, you will convert them to Binance Smart Chain Network from the Binance Chain Network. In order to do this simply change the dropdown at the top to Binance Smart Chain Network, copy the address, switch back to Binance Chain Network and send the funds to the address you copied. Viola! You now have BNB on Binance Smart Chain Network. Now you can visit PancakeSwap using this link.
DO NOT max out your purchase with all of your BNB, you will need a few dollars of BNB to use as gas for transaction fees going forward. Each transaction generally only costs a few cents in USD.
MetaMask Instructions
Next you need to add BSC to MetaMask, you can do this via this tutorial. You will still need to use Binance Wallet to convert BNB to the Smart Chain version before sending to MetaMask. It's easier to just use the Binance Chain Wallet instead of using MetaMask as it's an added step.
Purchased your BOGE but don't see it in your wallet? Don't worry!
If you purchase BOGE and don't see it in your wallet, click Add Token in MetaMask or the + icon in Binance Chain Wallet and paste the following contract address in:
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